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TV Football Etc. (Television Magasine, July 1974)

First released in July 1974, this long and very interesting article required to be split over seven issues. The system featured here is an analog TV Football game, which was quite advanced for its time. In the first issues, each part of the article desribes a part of the basic system. Later issues feature interesting add-ons such as sound effects and automatic player simulator. The game pictured on the first page is the basic two player version, which can produce pictures in color when wired to the internal circuits of the television set. The best part of the article is the last one: Superman, a special plug-in module which replaced a joystick to play against the system. This clever design makes the system hard to beat. The obvious and amazing possibility of such a module is to replace both joysticks to let the system play alone. Very few arcade and home systems allowed playing Ball and Paddle games against the machine.

It is interesting to note that the seven parts of the article explain very clearly each part of the system: general aspects, how the graphics are generated on the screen, how the bounces are made, how the collision detection works, etc... Thus, a good electronician can easily improve the system and add more players, more games variants, and why not, more balls...! This article is a true reference for the hobbyist.

Click the thumbnails to see them in large scale. Note that most scans were reduced in size, except the schematics and other technical drawings, which must be in large scale for good understanding.

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