PC-50x cartridges


These cartridges are often called "PC-50x" due to their references (x stands for the last digit which varies from 1 to 8). They work with many systems, most of which were manufactured in Asia and sold in Europe under various brands and models (see the SD 050 and SD 070/090 pages for examples). For that reason, a same cartridge can have a different name, as shown below. Each cartridge contains a single dedicated chip made by General Instruments (GI). This chip actually contians most of the game circuits, so much that one would see the game on a TV set by combining the video signals of the chip and sending them to the baseband video input of the set. In other words, the console is more an interface than a real videogame system.

Due to their wide market, several variants exist for a same cartridge. In addition to different tiles, their label may show a manufacturer, and their plastic case exist both in black and cream colors. For example, the PC-501 cartridge exists in two colors, with and without Hanimex label, with the names of Supersportic, Supersportif and others. A few manufacturers used their own numbering, probably to catch more clients. For Rollet released the PC-501 as 4/305.

These cartridges were sold in a little carton box and had a very small user manual of a few pages.

The table below summarizes the eight cartridges released:

Reference French title English title Rarity
PC-501 Surpersportif Sports / Supersportic Common
PC-502 Motocyclette Motor cycle Common
PC-503 Bataille de chars Tank Battle Very rare
PC-504 Course de voitures GP Racing cars / Grand Prix / Race Car GP Common
PC-505 Bataille navale Submarine Common
PC-506 Jeu de destruction Super Wipeout Common
PC-507 Jeux de tir Shooting Gallery Rare
PC-508 6 jeux de base Fundamental Very rare


PC-50x cartridges contain a bakelite circuit board with poor quality solders.
In this example, the GI chip is the AY-3-8610 (8 pong variants + 2 target shooting

PC-501 cartridge with two different names (french on cartridge, english on box)

PC-502 cartridge: four motor racing games:
an Atari Stunt Cycle clone, as shows in the PONG in a Chip page.
The PC-503 cartridge: two tank battle games.
This cartridge is quite rare. It uses the AY-3-8710 chip.
A few other systems like the Coleco Telstar Combat used this chip.
The PC-504 cartridge: two car racing games.
This is the RACE game mentioned in the PONG in a Chip page.

Below: Rollet version (reference 4/306).
Note the inverted screens and slightly different text
(click the image to view in larger size).

The PC-505 cartridge: three naval battle games.
Listed as Submarine in the PONG in a Chip page.

The cartridge shows the french name, whereas the box shows the english one.
The PC-507 cartridge (target shooting games).
This is the Rollet version, reference 4/310.
Click the picture to view in larger size.