More clones of the
SD 050/070/090 systems


In the previous pages, we saw several systems which looked pretty same, if not identical except the label under which they were sold... However, we still need to see some other clones which deserve a little bit of our interest. The first one is the Hanimex TVG-8610, and the following table shows all its specifications:

The Hanimex TVG 8610 system
Color: gray
Origin: Made in Honk-Kong
Power: 6 1.5V UM2 type batteries, or 9v DC 100mA adaptator
Games: 10 games of the GI AY-3-8610 chip
Controllers: 2 detachable joysticks (no central return), with serve button
Scoring: On-screen and manual
Video: UHF CH 35, SECAM 625-L black and white
Extension: DIN (5 pins) on the left side for the rifle or light gun
Power ON/OFF
Automatic/Manual serve
Left paddle dimension
Right paddle dimension
Ball Speed


Three other clones are exactly like this one: the SportsMaster TVG 901, the FL-10 (manufacturer unknown), and another system from Soundic (name and model unknown). They are exactly same as the TVG-8610, except that they are in white finish.