Videomaster Home T.V. Game
(second version, 1975)

Still sold as model VM 577, this second version of the 1974 Videomaster Home T.V Game uses the same electronic board, but housed into a nicely redesigned metal case with bronze finish (a more robust solution the original and fragile plastic case). The power switch has been moved from the top side to the front side where the controllers plug. The system was hand assembled like the initial version. It is unknown if it was available as a kit. Moreover, the serial sticker did not stick well to the bottom side and is almost always lost. One of our specimens indicates 10 095, wich gives an interesting idea of how many specimens of the first model were made: up to 10 000.

Box of the system with typical 1970s drawing and title.

System in its foam packing.

A nicely decorated metal case.

Left: Evidence of hand soldering. Right: serial sticker.


The top and bottom boundaries can be clearly seen.
The size of the players is quite big. Note the different
shape of the second player: it is stripped. A quite
intelligent idea as swapping the players positions
would make the game unplayable, each player having
his own area.

Nearly same as Tennis, with a vertical bounday on
the right edge. One amazing detail is the presence of
the central line, which should not be displayed in a
squash game !

This is the most interesting game of this system.
As a matter of fact, very few analog systems featured
this game because of the additional boundaries and
their shapes (hole in the middle), which require more
electronic components. Here again, the central line
should not be displayed in a football game...
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